5.31.2013_Things that changes after I started blogging

Hi there:) yeah, you! I’m Songyi here in Korea and it’s the last day of May, Friday! What about yours? 

Today I’d like to talk about blogging. More specifically, things that changes after I started blogging. It is initiatives by ‘Stats’, which WordPress provides its users to describe the characteristics related to visitors; how many visitors there are, where they are from, how they get to my blog, what the most frequently be read by visitors and so on.  

I makes clear that Uncanny or canny is not my personal space. Of course, I already recognized it when starting it. However, I don’t think that I write down something interesting that people might love to read. Honestly, I want to develop it to be worthy reading though for ‘someone’ not anyone. 

The interesting thing that I focus on is that where my visitors live in. Here’s the Geographical distribution of visitors. Image

Most of them (about 90%) are in Korea; that is because I leave contents in Korean. But it is covered all six continents (I know it is not such significant though.)  

This map makes me to think that I might communicate all different people from all different places! It sounds both exciting and scary somehow. First, I believe that diversity definitely has advantages; I think that I can expand my own space through facing different things that I’ve never experienced. However, unrefined writings sometimes turn out to be a source of rumors or mistakes. 


Thus, I need to make ‘Uncanny or Canny’ to be fulled of diversity that could inspires me and you, readers. At the same time, I have to be more discreet. So today, I wantcommunicate as many people as, I use English. Followings are for sharing the intention that I started ‘U or C’ and leaving messages for you.



  • Beginning of UNCANNY OR CANNY

You may know that this blog is the place to murmur something by myself. I am pretty reflective person so that I’m usually lost in my thought. I used to hate myself thinking too much because it made me drawn into the deep water. I want to keep a balance between extrovert and introvert.

However, I really value my thought. It reflects clues who I am, what I want and contains the good ideas that I would develop both for my life and the earth. That was why I decided to start this, ‘UNCANNY OR CANNY’. 



Uncanny or canny are totally opposite words, but at the same time they means same for me; They describe me perfectly. 

Uncanny or canny contains random things; not random for sure. I mean, I don’t specify the topic that I treated on it or style. I just leave what I am thinking and learning. Thus, it is strongly rely on what I cover in college, who I am with together and what kind of person I am.

For example, as studying business administration in undergraduate and considering entering to graduate school for studying Financial accounting further, it should contain those kind of words; accounting, Financial accounting, Finance, Market, Price, Value, Auditing, Tax, Earning, forecasting or projection, valuation, econometric, economics and so on. 

However, the statistic says totally different things


It says that I the most frequently left personal thoughts (‘A breath’ categories) and review of talk show conducted by Jiyeon Baik (백지연). I know that I did but it is unexpected that there is no thing related to business or accounting/ finance. I think I would now then. 


  • Please

It is a quite a long story. The thing I want to say here is clear; I want you to leave any comments. in Korean, in English, in Arabic, in Germany, in any langues would be fine. I would appreciate the fact itself someone just communicate with me through the space. Your advice, your personal opinion, anything would be fine, too!!



Wish you who just write the writing and stay in Uncanny or Canny good luck=)


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