2017.1.9_Welcome back to school!

Everyone talked about its visit to home and the weather over there. The east coast of US is really cold and it was snowy for some areas where it is rare to expect to see snow, there is a flu going around the west coast of US, Europe is crazily cold this year, Beijing is … 2017.1.9_Welcome back to school! 계속 읽기


2017.12.19_Shinee’s JongHyun’s final will

Rest in peace. 슬프고 아름다운 유서다. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 난 속에서부터 고장났다. 천천히 날 갉아먹던 우울은 결국 날 집어삼켰고 난 그걸 이길 수 없었다. 나는 날 미워했다. 끊기는 기억을 붙들고 아무리 정신차리라고 소리쳐봐도 답은 없었다. 막히는 숨을 틔어줄 수 없다면 차라리 멈추는게 나아. 날 책임질 수 있는건 누구인지 물었다. 너뿐이야. 난 오롯이 혼자였다. 끝낸다는 말은 쉽다. 끝내기는 … 2017.12.19_Shinee’s JongHyun’s final will 계속 읽기

"Be famous, and they will give you tremendous applause when you are actually pooping." This quote is frequently used to criticize modern art such as dadaism. I still clearly remember how I was stunned in the art class during my undergraduate years about an art piece named "artists' shit" by Piero Manzoni. The professor wanted to … 계속 읽기